Case Study Download: Upskilled, New Hires Generate Revenue in Under 90 Days

Upskilled, New Hires Generate Revenue in Under 90 Days

Learn how a large, national HVAC company partnered with UpSmith to make foundational changes to hiring and training practices, resulting in net new revenue.

Quick Facts

  • Industry / Service
    • Residential HVAC
  • Size
    • 23 states / 6,500 employees
  • Program Location
    • Texas
  • Upskilled workers
    • 12

Read an Excerpt

In 2020 a large, national HVAC company received a major investment from new and existing partners. The focus of the investment would focus on building the HVAC company’s momentum via organic growth and M&A. To drive growth in Texas, the HVAC company decided to invest in marketing home service plans– plans that would require technicians to deliver routine service. However, getting – and keeping – technicians was a major problem. 

It had gotten harder and harder. We put a lot of effort out there through traditional channels, recruiters, some advertising and it was a lot of hours, a lot of money, but it was like a revolving door.” – Division Vice President

Countless hours had been put into hiring, but those efforts failed time and time again. Candidates would fail to show for interviews; a recent hire didn’t show up for day one; new technicians would be gone after just a few months. It took the HVAC company five months to hire just five technicians in Dallas: this rate of hiring couldn’t support the new marketing promotion of….

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