Case Study Download: Pyramid Electric Partners With UpSmith to Address Labor Shortages


Pyramid Electric Partners With UpSmith to Address Labor Shortages


Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Company Size

130 field workers

Program Location

Memphis, Tennessee

Upskilled Workers

14 electricians

Pyramid Electric, Inc. (PEI), a family-owned electrical contractor in Memphis and the Mid-South, faced staffing pressure in early 2022. To meet client demand, the company needed to grow its workforce despite a shortage of tradespeople.

The industry as a whole faces a scarcity of skilled workers. In April 2022, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over one million unfilled roles in U.S. construction and manufacturing, with more people leaving trades than joining. With societal pressure pushing a younger generation toward college and 45% of the skilled workforce over 45 years old, this disparity caused concern for the sector’s future.

“We don’t have time to wait on traditional methods of yesterday…we’ve got to do something different.”

As Brian Haines, VP at PEI and chairman of West Tennessee Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) board of directors, summarized: “We don’t have time to wait on traditional methods of yesterday…We have more individuals leaving the industry, and aging out of our industry…we’ve got to do something different.”

PEI discussed its challenges and desire to “do something different” with the West Tennessee Chapter of Associate Builders and Contractors (ABC), a trade association serving construction firms in the Mid-South. Having been introduced to UpSmith, ABC leaders connected the technology firm with PEI to accelerate processes of sourcing, screening and training new individuals for careers in skilled trades.

UpSmith started by finding talent from untapped sources like military veterans, immigrants, recent high school graduates, and those stuck in low-paying hourly roles. The company used digital channels to attract candidates by emphasizing the benefits of PEI’s apprenticeship program: a rewarding career, paid training, and competitive starting salaries. Candidates were then screened to identify those…

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