UpSmith is a technology venture
on a mission to solve America’s
skilled labor crisis


There’s a growing skilled worker shortage.

Employers are struggling to find skilled talent. As of August 2022, 1.2 million openings existed across U.S. construction and manufacturing sectors, and Deloitte predicts a shortage of more than 2 million American manufacturing workers by 2030. Employers look to local schools, nonprofits, and Department of Labor programs for help, but often feel unsupported and overwhelmed by the gaps.


Millions are stuck in dead-end jobs.

Between 11 and 15 million people are unemployed or languishing in part-time, low-skill, or dead-end jobs with dim career prospects. Changing that fact is hard: candidates often have to navigate a complex, risky, and even expensive process to get credentials for a better job.

Both the business owner and candidate are stuck. Neither are served by the system in which many spend, few learn, and our country becomes less competitive.

UpSmith is fixing that.

Rather than relying on a traditional model to produce more talent, we empower employers to build the workforce they need. Using UpSmith’s technology backed services and workforce analytics, employers are able to source, screen, train, and measure a new generation of talent. 

And for individuals, UpSmith helps unlock high-dignity, high-purpose, and high paying career opportunities in the skilled trades.

Building the next generation of skilled workers, together.

Together with our clients, we’ve launched skilled trade careers individuals 4X faster than traditional methods. The result: a growing pool of skilled labor and net new revenue.

Built flexibly to support your team.

UpSmith’s suite of products are flexible, supporting your team exactly where needed – be it sourcing, screening, training, or measuring.

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