Learn and Earn

Get hired and get paid while you train. It’s that simple.

Rapid upskilling

UpSmith partners with employers to create ~8-week training programs that accelerate upskilling, unlocking the skills and credentials you need to start a new career.

Trained, certified, and on the job in ~8 weeks on average

Earn $20+/hr without experience, even during training

Lower uncertainty with a job from day one and little to no out of pocket cost (Program specific)

Explore a new career path

How does it work?


An employer co-creates a program with UpSmith setting the location, pay, and curriculum.


You review available learn and earn opportunities and find one you think is most exciting.


You create a free UpSmith profile recording an intro video, taking a skills assessment, and if requested by the employer, completing a background check, drug test, and employment verification.


Employers review profiles and choose whom to interview and then hire.


If hired, you join the employer’s team, making an earning from day 1 while you train.

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