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Look for aptitude, not just experience 

A 250 question aptitude test paired with our video screening platform helps you find the right candidates to interview.

Person repairing a motorcycle. Badge overlay with "Dependability" label and 3 stars.

Find high-potential candidates

Our 250-part test looks for things like resilience, dependability, coachability, and more. Ultimately, it’s a predictor on fit that lets you choose the best possible candidate.

Know them before you meet them

Some things just don’t come across on paper. Every UpSmith candidate records a video introduction, giving you a sense of who they are before you invite them to interview. You also have the option to require a drug test and a background check with a 20 year look-back.

Person holding phone up for a selfie. Badges indicating background check, drug test, and ID check.
A photo of a candidate with hiring mangers comments overlay. "Great fit" and "Must have!"

Collaborate with your team

It’s easy for your team to get involved: you and your team will be able to rate candidates and leave comments. Feedback is summarized into a single screen so that you can quickly identify candidates who should move forward in your hiring process.

Ready to fill the skilled labor gap?

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