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Look for aptitude, not just experience 

A 250 question aptitude test paired with our video screening platform helps you find the right candidates to interview.

Person repairing a motorcycle. Badge overlay with "Dependability" label and 3 stars.

Find high-potential candidates

Our 250-part aptitude test looks for potential—not just experience. Attributes like resilience, dependability, and coachability help predict fit and let you choose the best possible candidate.
Our test looks for things like resilience, dependability, coachability, and more. Ultimately, it’s a predictor on fit that lets you choose the best possible candidate.

Know them before you meet them

Some things just don’t come across on paper. Every UpSmith candidate records a video introduction, giving you a sense of who they are before you invite them to interview. You also have the option to require a drug test and a background check with a 20 year look-back.

Person holding phone up for a selfie. Badges indicating background check, drug test, and ID check.
A photo of a candidate with hiring mangers comments overlay. "Great fit" and "Must have!"

Collaborate with your team

It’s easy for your team to get involved: you and your team will be able to rate candidates and leave comments. Feedback is summarized into a single screen so that you can quickly identify candidates who should move forward in your hiring process.

Ready to fill the skilled labor gap?

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